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Why is GTMS the Only Choice for your Lounge Operation?

Since 1996, Gideon Toal Management has operated with a single focus - to provide world class service catering to the specialized needs of our corporate partners.  GTMS became and remains an award-winning (see our Awards) service provider in the airport lounge industry based on six principles.


Gideon Toal provides weekly and monthly reporting and accounting to our corporate partners detailing every facet of their operation over which GTMS has responsability.  Every detail and/or transaction is aways readily available to our partners, whether a multi-million dollar build out or five dollar purchase.


Gideon Toal prides itself on our partners having 24/7 access to their GTMS management team.  In addition to direct contact with senior GTMS management, all partners have a dedicated contact able to resolve probles and take action 24/7.


Gideon Toal prides itself on 100% integrity within our business - to our partners, their guests and to our team.  For over 20 years, GTMS has fulfilled their promises to their partners and their guests - this is a matter of pride.

Construction Workers

Hospitality Employee

Customer Focused

Gideon Toal believes that only through true dedication to our multiple customer group and their needs can we be a successful partner.  Gideon Toal daily services our corporate partners, their lounge guests, and our internal team members - each with unique wants and needs that Gideon Toal continually strives to exceed.

Singular Focus

Gideon Toal, an industry leader in airport lounge operations, believes that to be the best, it requires a singular focus.  The daily goal of continuous impovement in our chosen feild is not diluted by company diversification into retail or fast food operations within our airport environments.


Gideon Toal believes that simply meeting your expecations is a failure on our part.  The goal of Gideon Toal and our team members is to always vastly exceed the quality expectations of our customer and their guests in all aspects of service.  This is a lofty goal, one that GTMS contiunally strives toward on a daily basis.

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