Meet Our Management Team


Alvin Brown, Ph.D.

Chief Executive Officer

From humble beginnings in Brooklyn, New York, Alvin Brown dreamed of a career in aviation. As a child, he studied the airplanes taking off and landing at JFK International, memorizing aircraft types, airline emblems and take-off and departure times.

After graduating with a degree in Aviation Management from prestigious Embry-Riddle University – the nation’s premier aviation institute – he began his own upward climb through the airline industry. In a series of career-expanding moves, Alvin learned every aspect of airline and airport management.

By 1997, Alvin had attained a senior position with AMR, parent company of American Airlines, at DFW International Airport, where he developed the company’s distinctive WOW leadership and management program.

Along the way, he earned a master’s degree in Human Resources Management from New York Institute of Technology, an MBA from Letourneau University and a doctoral degree in Urban and Public Affairs from the University of Texas at Arlington.

Alvin Brown comes to GTMS with an unparalleled background in airline services, business management and team-building skills.

As the visionary force behind today’s GTMS, Alvin sees an outstanding opportunity to help airline partners create the kind of worldwide passenger lounge experience that airlines need to maintain a competitive advantage in today’s fast-growing industry.


Kim Wiemuth

Director of Client Relations and Brand Management

A senior executive with GTMS since 2005, Kim Wiemuth brings decades of experience in corporate communications, marketing and human resources experience to the company. Equally important, her rapid rise through the ranks of major airlines and global freight and logistics companies gives her an in-depth understanding of the transportation industry.

At GTMS, Wiemuth is responsible for upholding the company’s high standards for client relations and customer satisfaction, and for ensuring that GTMS remains the leader in the markets we serve. Her work with executives at the highest levels gives her keen insights into the demanding needs of today’s premier travelers.


Rick Ivey

Chief Financial Officer

From consulting with a leading global accounting firm to financial management of minor league baseball franchises to managing the finances of a major manufacturing company and even serving as CFO of the National Cutting Horse Association, Rick Ivey brings a breadth and depth of knowledge to GTMS.

Broad experience in a cross-section of businesses and industries gives Ivey unique preparation for the no-one-size-fits-all world of creating and managing executive passenger lounges. Ivey continues to bring unique broad-level perspectives to the company’s financial operations, serving as chief financial officer of several organizations, including GTMS.


Larry Hamilton

Director of Business Development

Hamilton has served as Director of Business Development at GTMS since 2010, following nearly half a century in nearly every aspect of the aviation industry. A combination of senior positions in airport operations for American Airlines and experience at Las Vegas’ McCarran International Airport gives Hamilton a comprehensive view of the efficiencies and dedication to hospitality excellence that puts our clients out front.

Hamilton’s knowledge of all aspects of airport and airline operations, combined with extensive experience in infrastructure needs and requirements, provides our customers and prospective clients with an unparalleled understanding of today’s competitive marketplace for lounge operations.



Trevor Way

Eastern Regional Manager

As Regional Manager for GTMS, Trevor Way leads day-to-day operations of executive lounges across the United States, including service delivery, financial planning and accountability, vendor and partner relationships and management of everything from menus to staffing. Way joined GTMS from a 15-year career in many areas of hospitality management and event planning for organizations ranging from Applebee's, HBO and Energizer Batteries to the US Army and Volvo USA. He joined the GTMS management team in 2015 after selling his successful restaurant delivery business.

Way brings a focus on intense customer service to the GTMS team, including experience with fiscal management and accountability, innovation, problem solving and measured risk taking - all to achieve excellent customer satisfaction and bottom line improvements.