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”GTMS's Management understands that the airline industry differs from other service industries and are able to cooperate with their client partners to bring true working solutions to provide the best services at the airport for the passengers. We certainly could not accommodate our passengers needs without the professional GTMS Team.”

Masakazu Douglas | Japan Airlines 


The level of service today’s premier travelers demand

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The GTMS HEART Service Program gives us an edge: a structured platform for designing, developing and implementing an overall in-lounge service experience that’s unequaled in our industry.

Today’s high-end travelers are looking for something experiential. They want services that exceed all expectations. They demand a unique and personal attention to the smallest detail. They want to surround themselves with a service staff that anticipates every need – and then acts without being asked.

In short, they want HEART.

Our proprietary HEART Program stands for:





Thank You


HEART isn’t just a staff training program; it’s an abiding edict that governs the way GTMS conducts every aspect of our business. From individual employees, to groups and teams, to front-of-house and kitchen staffs, to our entire management structure, HEART drives our commitment to unparalleled service and attention to every tiny detail.

We start by hand-picking the very best, customer-minded and satisfaction-focused people. You know the ones – always smiling, crisp in dress and custom, tuned in to each traveler and driven to make each patron contact easy and satisfying.

We continue by creating an environment where each team member knows and understands the requirements, and then acts proactively and professionally to focus the full power of our collective resources on making each visit memorable.

And we continue still by fine-tuning our customer approach in every way at all times, welcoming the inputs from partners, patrons and teammates at every step, so that we can continue to be at the pinnacle of superlative service.

It’s a philosophy of success that governs everything we do.