Boutique service on a grand scale

More and more travelers are opting for highly personalized “boutique” accommodations – from small, quaint hotels to quiet restaurants, personal shoppers and private drivers. Shouldn’t your executive lounge focus on delivering the same discerning and personalized level of service?

A true service attitude and ability to anticipate needs before they arise is key. From special meals to personalized beverages – or even a quiet place to relax or conduct business – our HEART-trained service teams work overtime to make each lounge visit a uniquely satisfying travel experience.


Services tailored to your own unique needs

No two lounges are the same – and so we tailor our service offerings to meet your exact requirements. From comprehensive design, construction and ongoing management services to refurbishment or daily operations and quality control for all or a part, we’re ready to share our experience and expertise.


Services include:

  • Lounge and Kitchen Design
  • Licensing and Permitting
  • Recruitment and Staffing
  • Consumables Purchasing
  • Menu Selection for food and Liquor
  • Procurement, Delivery and Installation
  • Ongoing Quality Control
  • Inventory Auditing and Control
  • ·Mystery Visitor Program