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GTMS is excited about our new travel essentials and retail offerings.  We've crafted some unique opportunities, as well as some powerful partnerships.

The Bridge

The very first Bridge Travel Essentials is open in DFW Airport! This social entrepreneur style concept is an exciting new way to support your local community.  The Bridge connects with local homeless shelters in your local community to give support where it's needed the most.  Not only does a portion of revenue get allocated back into the community, but we work to help people get back on their feet by provided work opportunities as well! 

GTMS Travel Essentials Concept The Bridge
GTMS Travel Essentials Concept Urban Market

Urban Market

A new concept for the modern airport, Urban Market is a scalable travel essentials brand that offers a focus on fresh foods, grab and go, and local integrations.  Urban Market also offers the opportunity to incorporate a "store in a store" with either a coffee or food concept.

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