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Fort Worth Based Company Makes Good on the Promise of Giving Back

Fort Worth based Gideon Toal Management Services, LLC (GTMS), known for its expertise in the airport lounge and concession management space, and R.S. Harris LLC operating in Dallas/Fort, celebrated the grand opening of The Bridge Travel Essentials at DFW International Airport on January 5. The opening marked the first of its kind collaboration combining nonprofit and for-profit businesses to establish a social entrepreneurship business model to be based in DFW International Airport. 

After a busy and successful 5 months, The Bridge Travel Essentials presented the Bridge Homeless Recovery Center with a major contribution of more than $23,000 as part of the agreement for a licensing fee of The Bridge brand that helps infuse funds into the homeless recovery support network, Alvin Brown, president of GTMS stated that “This demonstrates the power of the social entrepreneurship concept of giving back and we are pleased to be a part of such an initiative through this partnership.” This is the first of ongoing installments that will come from revenues generated from proceeds of the Bridge Travel Essentials.

Zenola Campbell, Vice President of Concessions at DFW International Airport, presented the check to Dr. David Woody, President, and CEO of the Bridge Homeless Recovery Center.  The event occurred in front of the Bridge Trave Essentials Retail store located at gate 8 in Terminal A. 


Founded in 1996, GTMS operates airport lounges at 11 locations in 8 domestic U.S. airports including Dallas Fort Worth International, Orlando International, and Las Vegas. International and has earned numerous prestigious aviation awards for exceptional customer service since 2014.


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