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GTMS Partners with the Ft Worth Museum of Science and History for new “Cowtown Takes Flight” Exhibit

Fort Worth's history with aviation is long-standing, beginning with pilots performing aerial stunts in fields to becoming a leader in commercial and military aircraft production. In doing so, the cultural landscape changes through the years as communities grow and the city expands. The Fort Worth Museum of Science and History will open Cowtown Takes Flight August 19. The exhibit will begin in the early 1900s and continue to the present day focusing on the social histories surrounding aviation's development in the area.

Gideon Toal Management Services will be a part of the exhibit reflecting their own distinct history in the local aviation industry space. Founded in 1996, GTMS built and opened the first common-use lounge in the country located in. Well known Fort Worth architect, Randy Gideon – designed the lounge and partnered with urban planner James Toal. This dynamic duo made their unique mark on some of Fort Worth’s most prestigious structures beginning in the 90’s. The purpose and place that GTMS holds as a local contributor to the Fort Worth landscape of aviation and airline management is significant. The exhibit will be set up as a 400 square foot model of an airport lounge. Other contributors include Fort Worth Based Lockheed Martin and Bell Helicopter, American Airlines as well as some of the pioneer airlines that helped to make Fort Worth a national destination.

GTMS President Alvin Brown sees this as an opportunity to “give back and to showcase some history that otherwise may have gone unnoticed. We are pleased to participate as a contributor to this exhibit. This is an chance for visitors to have a unique experience to discover the rich aviation history that exists in this region.”

Based in Fort Worth, GTMS operates airport lounges for 11 locations in 8 domestic U.S. airports including Dallas-Fort Worth International, Orlando International, Las Vegas International and has earned eight prestigious aviation awards for exceptional customer service since 2014.


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